Booking Guidelines

1. All use of Club accommodation shall be subject to bookings

2. The Bookings Manager shall have absolute discretion in the control of bookings, subject to these Guidelines and the Committee’s directions.

3. The Winter Season commences as outlined on the Accommodation Tariffs page (typically Queen’s Birthday Weekend).

4. The Bookings Manager will nominate a Lodge Leader for each day the lodge is occupied; the duration of duties as Lodge Manager will usually coincide with the length of your stay. Typically this will be a Member and often the first to book for the nominated day. If for any reason you feel that you are unable to fulfill the requirements laid out in the “Lodge Leaders Duties” document you must notify the Bookings Manager immediately. If yours is the only Member booking for the period, your inability to perform the Lodge Leader’s role may be grounds for cancellation of your booking.

5. Winter Booking Periods:

a. “Members Restricted Booking Period” requests will be open from 6:00pm on a Sunday in early-mid March, as advised via email to members, for one week – Members may request bookings with up to three additional ‘Members Guest’ beds for each Member booked in each booking request.

b. “Members Unrestricted Booking Period” requests will be open from 6:00pm the following Sunday, for two weeks – Members may request bookings for an unlimited additional number of ‘Members Guest’ beds in each booking request.

c. “Visitor Booking Period” requests will be open from 6:00pm the Sunday two weeks later – from this date, anyone will be allowed to make a booking request without any restriction on the number of beds in each booking request.

6. Booking Requests:

a. Trapdoor prefers booking requests that they are submitted through the Online Booking System.

b. Only one Member booking per day is permitted for Peak Season during the Members Restricted Booking Period.

c. Requests will be confirmed (or declined) after processing by the Booking Manager and an invoice will subsequently be issued for successful bookings.

d. The Booking Manager has the authority to Decline and Accept bookings on behalf of the Club

7. Booking Payments:

a. Only on receipt of payment of all amounts due (including accommodation charges, outstanding subs, workparty and other membership levies), information regarding access to the lodge will be provided.

b. Payment terms are ten (10) days from the date of the Invoice.

c. Payments for Bookings are preferred by Credit Card. The Online Booking System and Booking Invoices provide a link to PayPal to make your booking payment. You do not need a PayPal account to effect payment through the online system.

d. Payments via cheque or money order send by mail to Trapdoor Ski Club, PO Box 38, 393 Wattletree Rd, Malvern East, 3145 will be accepted, however there will be a 5 day delay in processing these payments.

e. Receipts will be issued only in the form of a Booking Confirmation. PayPal will also issue a receipt for all payments made by Credit Card.

f. Unpaid bookings for which invoices have been issued will be held for a period of ten (10) days and NO longer.

g. After ten (10) days, all approved but unpaid booking requests will lapse and be removed from the booking system.

8. Booking Cancellations:

a. Requests for cancellation of confirmed bookings, and refund of any moneys paid will be at the discretion of the Committee in all cases, except lack of skiable snow during the recognised Winter season. Refer to Trapdoor’s Cancellation and Refund Policy.

b. “Lack of snow” cancellations shall be at the discretion of the Bookings Manager.

9. Booking Policies:

a. The standard weekly booking period is from either Sunday to Sunday or from Friday to Friday depending on availability. Partial midweek bookings may be accepted subject to availability.

b. Minimum booking period for ALL weekends during the Winter Season is two nights (Fri & Sat) and may be three nights for “long weekends” at the discretion of the Bookings Manager.

c. During Peak season, Group bookings greater than 16 persons will NOT be accepted without consent of the booking manager due to a typically high Member demand during this period. Group bookings at other times will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

d. Large group bookings will be required to provide a security deposit and sign a Conditions of Use authority. This will be at the Booking Managers discretion.

e. If all booking information requested by the Booking Manager is NOT received, the booking request will NOT be processed.

f. To avail of Member and Member Guest rates, Members are expected to login to the Online Booking System and submit their request using the Online Booking System.

10. Trapdoor observes the following differential season rates (for rate validity dates, please see the Accommodation Tariffs page):

a. Value Season

b. Peak Season

c. Value Season

d. Summer bookings