Cancellation Policy

A confirmed booking can be changed provided that adequate notice is given to the Bookings Manager and the requested time has availability. The Committee will only consider requests for refunds of money paid in exceptional circumstances.

REMEMBER – If for some reason you can not use a confirmed booking, advise the Booking Manager immediately to discuss alternative arrangements.


Refund Policy

Refunds for pre-paid accommodation will only be made subject to the following:

  1. Another party will take over all or part of the allocated booking period. Any refund will therefore be proportionate to the amount paid by the replacement booking.
  2. There is no skiable snow for the booking period within a week before the allocated booking period commences.
  3. If your booking does not meet the above criteria, refunds will be examined upon written application to the committee (please send via the Club Bookings Manager – Contact Us).  The Committee may override the Bookings Managers recommendation based on the above criteria.
  4. All approved refunds will be issued in form of cheque made payable to the applicant.