A Club with History

The Club was founded in 1963 by a close-knit group of 28 friends who in the main had met during their university studies. Early steps included selection of the “best” site available, finding those rare persons willing and able to act as the Club’s trustees and relatives of substance willing to act as guarantors for the unavoidable bank loan needed to finance the project. The Trapdoor Lodge was built over the Summer of 1964-65 and was first occupied for the 1965 Winter in rather primitive conditions – a far cry from the conditions and comfort that the lodge offers today.

Since its foundations were laid there there have been numerous changes to the building, including the largest extension undertaken in the summer of 1999 / 2000, which doubled the size of the lodge.

Trapdoor is currently planning for obtaining our next lease, which is up for renewal in 2022.